Filmmakers: David Gordon Green, Nicolas Cage, Q&A in Apple Store- Soho about the Movie “Joe”

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 10, 2014

Filmmakers David Gordon Green and Hollywood Actor Nicolas Cage had a Q&A at the Apple Store located in Soho, NYC. The media and fans of the famous actor that were in attendance had the opportunity to see Nicolas Cage up close and ask him questions after the viewing of the trailer “Joe” and some exclusive clips shared with the audience. Prior to the Q&A with the audience both David Gordon Green and Nicolas Cage were interviewed and asked about how it was working together and any challenges Nicolas Cage had during the filming of this movie.

Nicolas Cage added “the most challenging part for me was holding a real snake with the fangs all out, tossing it and then hoping it didn’t come back and bite me in the neck and killed me.” The audience laughed because he said it in a joking way but did indeed state that he chose to do this scene with a real snake and the adrenaline rush he felt was incredible during that scene.






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