Dominican New Artist “RENZO” Makes it to the Top 5 in the Latin Billboards


Renzo Rene Oviedo Boitel aka RENZO was born in Queens, New York. He & his family moved to the Dominican Republic when Renzo was 7 years old; he has resided there ever since. The third oldest of 4 siblings – three brothers & a sister – he is the pride of the Oviedo Boitel family. In RENZO’s case, family is of utmost importance, because his parents, his brothers & sister were the team that produced his debut single, & who, with overflowing love and energy, were able to place this emerging artist amongst the cream of the crop of up-and-coming young Dominican stars.

RENZO discovered his own natural talent as a singer; he also fell in love with creative dance & the infinite possibilities available to a choreographer. Since those early years, Renzo has worked on fine-tuning his audio-visual concept for performances; developing a unique style. Always fresh, yet tied to his Dominican roots, this artist’s personal approach to merengue could very well spur a long-awaited rebirth of the style – youthful, but with new dances that relive the tradition of old-school merengue from the 80s, while fusing American pop styles, and – of course – the influences of Jackson.

RENZO’S debut single, “Mi favorita,” was released in April of this year. The single charted at #3 on Billboard Tropical, in a highly competitive field where industry veterans were vying for the top spots. “Mi favorita” charted #1 in radio stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Pennsylvania, putting this artist firmly “on the map.” In October 2013, “Perdi del control,” a composition by Romeo Santos, commenced on US radio. The video for this single will be released in mid-November. Directed by Guillermo Muesas, it is being filmed in Ciudad Colonial in Santo Domingo, & will feature the dance group Nucleo Extremo.

I had an interesting interview with the young latino talent and this is what he shared with me:


Renzo I would like to know more about your choreography and dancing skills which I saw in your latest video “Perdi El Control” was that how you started your musical career through dance?

I started my career when I was 6 years old as a dancer. I use to imitate Michael Jackson and try to dance like him and sing like him at the same time. My goal was always to be a professional dancer which I had the opportunity to accomplish in Dominican Republic. I had the opportunity to dance for one of the biggest celebrities from Dominican Republic. At 12 years old I started experimenting with my voice. My parents always use to tell me you can dance and combine that with singing but at the time I didn’t pay attention to what they were saying. I was too focused on becoming a professional dancer first and then when I accomplished that I said ok I am going to do a few demos to see what happens. I traveled to New York and that’s when I met my manager we presented the project to him and a year later was when they told me we are ready to start working with you.

What was the name of your first song and what did you feel when you got on stage to perform for the first time?

My first song was called “Mi Favorita” which after I signed with the record label this song made it to #3 in the list of the Billboards. At that point I never thought that I would be able to do anything in this magnitude. My first performance as a singer I was very nervous and anxious but it was a gratifying feeling after the performance seeing how the audience loved it so much.

The song “Mi Favorita” was also featured in a film can you please tell me more about that project?

Yes, this song was featured in the soundtrack of the Dominican Film “Ponchao”. When I was told my song would be featured I was very happy especially because it was going to be featured in a Dominican film being that I am Dominican.

Talk to me about the 30 Day Challenge you are doing on Instagram?

Yes, I am doing a 30 Days of Dance in which I am dancing in 30 different locations and so our followers can see different dance moves 15 seconds you can see it at @renzoworld.

Tell me about your latest single?

Yes my new song “Perdi El Control” was written by Romeo Santos. This song was meant to come out in his album I break the rules and didn’t make the cut. My record label administrates most of his music so they decided to give it to me so we made it into merengue.


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