Clap for Change Campaign Launched by Life Coach Laura Posada


Clap for Change campaign launched and the event was a huge success. I interviewed former MLB player Jorge Posada and Laura Posada who is a certified Life Coach.

Jorge Posada shared with me that his life after his retirement has been more relaxed. He spends more time with his family now and is working on coaching kids now besides supporting his wife in this new venture of Clap for Change.

Laura Posada was extremely happy with the turn out of her event so many important people from the community and press attended to show support and congratulate her on this new journey. I personally admire her and her husband’s work through the Posada Foundation and definitely expressed how I needed to attend and show support now that she started her business as a life coach.

She has mastered the craft by educating herself and is a certified life coach. Laura Posada is an inspiring woman who loves to help people she is a motivation to all women and transmits the message that you can do anything you want if you plan and work for it.

To see the full interviews with Laura Posada and Jorge Posada take a look here: http://youtu.be/JRzKvK_kBrc

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