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The well-known actor, host and producer,Cristián de la Fuente, stars in the spanish language version of Orbit®gum’s new commercial, in which he “breaks up” with a piece of pizza, adding his unique charm and charisma to the campaign.


Cristián, who is currently filming the third season of ABC Studios’ “Devious Maids,” joins Orbit® gum, one of Wrigley’s biggest gum brands, in a campaign filled with humor and creativity in the United States.

To follow the Orbit® campaign launched on March 16th, visitOrbitGum.com, Facebook.com/OrbitGum and Twitter @OrbitGum.


Cristián de la Fuente is an international actor and host who has proven histalent and versatility in both the Hispanic and General markets. His most recent successes as an actor include USA Network’s “Royal Pains,” Univision’s “Quiero Amarte” and “Amor Bravío,” ABC’s “Private Practice” and HBO Latino’s “Prófugos,” among others. Cristián is, without a doubt, a hit in every genre and language.

In the United States his vastly known for his participation in over 10 participation in TV series such as: “CSI Miami,” “Ugly Betty,” “Brothers and Sisters,” among many others. He also participated in the 6th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” where he took third place with his partner Cheryl Burke.

He debuted in Hollywood alongside Sylvester Stallone in the movie “Driven.” Since his participation in this movie, other projects emerged such as “Basic” and “Vampires: Los Muertos” besides John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

In Hispanic television, De La Fuente has hosted major events such as “Premio Lo Nuestro” and “Latin GRAMMY®,” and the reality show “Vive el Sueño,” all on Univision.

His voice can also be heard as the role of “Buttercup” in the Spanish version of Pixar’s “Toy Story 3.” In 2010, he was nominated for a Goya award for his work as an actor and producer in the film “Isla 10.”

Cristián, an avid sportsman, fluent in both English and Spanish, was the first male to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan En Español in 2006. In the past, he’s been chosen as one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” for both the English and Spanish versions (People en Español). Cristián is a First Lieutenant in the Chilean Air Force Reserve and a member of their High Aerobatics team.

Cristián de la Fuente will join the cast of the ABC Studios series “DeviousMaids.”

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