Cricket Wireless Helps You Identify Which Type Of Traveler Are You!


When traveling, we encounter various personalities – from the frugal traveler to the family bunch. Yet, no matter how differently they may be spending their vacation, one thing we are sure to see them all doing is using their smartphone to find the budget & family friendly spots and to share their experiences with their loved ones.

In fact, a recent study by TripAdvisor in the U.S. revealed that while traveling:

  • 62% use their phones to look for restaurants
  • 52% of respondents use their mobile phones to look for things to do
  • And 27% use them to find hotels.

Can you identify which type of traveler you are? No matter what you answer, Cricket Wireless can help make the best out of your trip! Detailed below are ways your readers can maximize their trip by being on Cricket Wireless’ network.

What Type of Traveler are you? 

As we approach, Mother’s Day and summer, vacation becomes top of mind for the Latino who refuses to sacrifice traveling and is spending more per trip than the general population.

From booking trips to how we experience a destination, there’s no denying the effect of mobile technology on all aspects of travel. As a matter of fact, the 2014 TripBarometer study by TripAdvisor found that while traveling, 52% of U.S. respondents use their mobile phones to look for things to do, 62% use their phones to look for restaurants and 27% use them to find hotels.

Whether you’re taking a family vacation or planning a budgeted trip, elevate your getaway with the ultimate travel sidekick, Cricket Wireless.

The Connected Traveler

  • Symptom: The “Connected Traveler” is in a new place, but can’t fully enjoy the experience unless they share their surroundings with their loved ones. This traveler constantly sends texts, videos and photos to their family and friends.
  • Travel Tip: Cricket is all in with Mexico, which means your family in Monterrey, can experience your Grand Canyon adventure with you! For the first time ever, new and existing customers on $45 and $55 plans after a $5 auto pay credit can make unlimited mobile-to-mobile and landline calls, send texts, pictures and videos to friends and family in Mexico from the U.S all on a nationwide 4G LTE network.

The Frugal Traveler

  • Symptom: The “Frugal Vacationer” prides themselves on their ability to stretch a dollar, and always checks their device for the best coupons and deals while traveling. Unashamed to ball on a budget, the flash deal is their best friend.
  • Travel Tip:  When it comes to airlines the Adsmovil survey found that technology plays a massive roll with Hispanics. Booking flights through the internet and mobile apps account for over half of flight bookings for this tech savvy population. For those searching for a deal on flights, look no further than Skyscanner, comparing millions of flights across hundreds of airlines putting the world’s top and timely travel deals at your fingertips. Android, iOS and Windows users can download Skyscanner’s apps for Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals for free on Cricket Suggests.

The Family Traveler

  • Symptom:   With kids in the picture the word vacation has a whole new meaning. For the “Family Traveler” paying close attention to their kids’ needs, capturing fun family memories, and staying on budget is top of mind.
  • Travel Tip:  Ensure your wireless plan offers enough data for mom and dad to check email, stream your kids’ favorite movie during long road-trips, and bring family and friends along digitally for the vacation of a lifetime! Now through April, Cricket’s Advanced plan offers unlimited talk, text and 20GB of high speed data access for just $55 a month after a $5 auto pay credit – taxes and fees included.

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