Divas Leading Inc Invites You To ‘Project Mama 2015’!

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On May 7, 2015, Divasleading Inc. is hosting Project Mama 2015. This event will be held at Silhouette Restaurant & Lounge; 5668 Broadway Bronx, New York 10463. We need your participation!! Our event will present an excellent networking atmosphere and feature guest speakers, poets, vendors, live music, slides show, raffles and more.
Who is Divasleading Inc.? 
Divasleading Inc. is a family empowerment organization in existence since October 23, 2009. The Ladies of Divasleading Inc. are women who are dedicated to help heal, uplift and encourage underprivileged families in the region and internationally. Our objective is to celebrate life while creating awareness that affect all genres in our communities.
What is Project Mama 2015? 
Project Mama was initiated as an annual cause on May 23, 2013. As children of immigrant parents, the ladies of DivasLeading Inc. know firsthand the value of a family support system. During our upbringing, we were consistently reminded of two main things:
1) What a blessing it was to be born and reside in the United States and 2) How fortunate we are to be surrounded by family and community support. Why? Our parents spoke to us about the poverty in countries such as the Dominican Republic. They explained how difficult it was to receive medical attention at public hospitals. These struggles still exist today and often basic necessities are unavailable to women. One such example is the concept of a “baby bag” after pregnancy. In the United States, upon delivering, new moms are supplied a “baby bag.” The “baby bag” consists of essential items like diapers, wipes, formulas, hospital blankets and sanitary pads. We strongly believe that every mother should be entitled to receive such essential items upon giving birth, regardless of their financial status.
Our research shows that women in many countries, including the Dominican Republic, are required to bring their own essential items which leads to financial burdens. As a solution, Project Mama was born. The goal of Project Mama is to collect much needed maternity supplies and serve under privileged women in third world countries like in Dominican Republic.
The last two years Divasleading Inc. handed out close to 2,000 baby bags and essential items in the Dominican Republic.

With your support we’ll continue to create smiles and make a difference. We are collecting women and infants essential items. Please consider purchasing an item(s) from our wish list.Our wish list is available on; search using email address


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