Nat Geo Mundo Revs Its Engines For Second Season of Original Series LimoMasters‏



“El Jefe” Erick Quintana and His Family Convert Everyday Cars into Luxury Limos Starting Saturday, May 23 at 9PM ET/PT


Do you believe in the American Dream? If you ask Erick Quintana, he’d say “yes!” because he is living the dream as the owner of successful vehicle customization business in Anaheim, California, Limos by Moonlight, where he and his team convert a variety of regular passenger vehicles into the most jaw-dropping limos. Comprised of four new hour-long episodes, the second season of LimoMasters premieres on Nat Geo Mundo on Saturday, May 23 at 9PM ET/PT.

During the fun and action-packed second season, Quintana and his team of seasoned builders work up not only a sweat, but a fair share of drama and heartbreak while converting everyday vehicles into tricked-out, larger-than-life limousines.

Erick counts on a crew that includes his father, Jaime; the general manager, Lemus; the designer, Paola; and the vivacious assistant, Vivian. The team combines unmatched technical knowledge with flawless design and expertise to build the most outrageous rides ever, catering to demanding clients from all over the world with highly specific customization requests. This season, Quintana travels to meet clients in   New York, Las Vegas, and even Japan where he has the opportunity to experience different flavors and cultures. In Quintana’s absence, will the team be capable of maintaining a smooth business operation or will el jefe (“the boss”) return to find his shop in chaos?

This Season also features celebrity appearances while the vehicle transformations are bigger and more detailed than ever before. From a massive conversion that required a third axle and a decoration overhaul fit for a king in a Cadillac Escalade, to the creation of a party bus complete with LED lights, new curvy seats, flat screen TVs, dancing poles, lasers, bars and even a bathroom, the team works tirelessly to complete their jobs with perfection as the ultimate goal. Witness the makeover of a Chrysler 300 to include all the latest technology whose final destination is New York City, and the construction of a another Escalade headed to Houston, Texas which undergoes a major overhaul and is modeled to a fitting cowboy theme. Prepare to be amazed with the spectacular work of the Limos By Moonlight team.

In addition to turning standard cars into elaborate works of stretched metal art, the LimoMasters also have to manage the office and a colourful family dynamic in the process. This season, we learn more about every family member and their personal lives, and meet new cast members who play an important role in the business. And in an exciting new development for the family, the Quintana brood grows with the arrival of a small bundle, baby Emilio, who he hopes will one day join the family business.

Join Nat Geo Mundo on Saturdays starting May 23 at 9PM ET/PT as LimoMasters put a new spin on limo customization, creating never-before-seen motorized masterpieces.

LimoMasters is produced by Natural 9 Entertainment for National Geographic Channel. Executive producers are Carol Sherman, Jeff Androsky and Phil Viardo. co-executive producer is Patrick Taulere. For Fox International Channels, executive producer is Juana Maria Torres, director of production and programming is Veronica Montali and senior vice president of programming and production is Carmen Larios. For National Geographic Channels standards and practices, senior director is Vilma Linares, senior researcher is Maria Rivas and senior production manager is Marjolaine Souquet.

For more information, visit www.natgeomundo.com and follow us on Facebook (Nat Geo Mundo), Twitter (@natgeomundo) and Instagram (@natgeomundo).

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