Ricky Martin New Video Release Of The Song “La Mordidita” [ WATCH VIDEO]

jessandrickAfter a week in which millions of people were part of La Mordidita challenge, the new video of the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin was premiered globally. The video was filmed in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, location which has linked the Caribbean rhythms of the song with scenarios that transported us to the beach and the sea.

Simon Brand, the Colombian director who has made a number of music videos from various recognized artists and who also had the opportunity to direct two of the highest grossing movies in the country of coffee, was the one who got the fortune of directing the latest video of Ricky Martin. Beyond the exotic locations of embodiment, the video has an entertaining story, where sensuality takes possession of the dancers in the middle of the streets of a city characterized by its architecture, which despite of the great advances in construction material, still retains the influence of colonial times, which for many seems to be magical, as well as this new video that very likely will have more than a hundred people dancing.

We invite you to fall in love with this rhythm and magic conveyed by this song, we are sure you will not stop to see it and want to share it with all your friends and family. So the only thing left for you to do to play and enjoy this proposal of one of the most beloved Latin singer.

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