Father’s Day 2015: Win Father’s Day With T-Mobile and The Best Gift For Dad‏


Lots of big news from T-Mobile today. Not only did the Un-carrier announce the new LG G Pad F8.0 tablet is now available – they’re also bringing you a SCREAMING deal (as long as you consider FREE a screaming deal?).  
Just in time for Father’s Day, you can get Dad the new LG G Pad F8.0 for $0 down and $0 per month when you sign up for the best tablet plan in wireless!  That’s right, it’s pretty much free and pretty much guaranteeing YOU are the favorite child this Father’s Day. Another tacky tie or a brand new tablet? The choice is easy. 
The LG G Pad F8.0 includes:
·         Built-in stylus for multi-tasking and easy typing so Dad can get his work emails done quickly.
·         A vivid 8” HD screen for Skype or streaming the latest season of Game Of Thrones on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. 
AND, only at T-Mobile, can Dad get the best tablet plan in wireless to go with his new G Pad as T-Mobile will match his smartphone’s high-speed data plan (up to 5 GB) for just $10 a month. That means only $10/month gives Dad up to 5GB of data just for use on his tablet. Unlike the other guys, T-Mobile doesn’t charge access fees just to tap into a shared data plan you already bought. 
For more information about grabbing the LG G Pad F8.0 at T-Mobile, please visit: But don’t wait! There are a limited number available!

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