Jason Silva, the Venezuelan Emmy-nominated to host the one-hour special REDESCUBRIENDO PLUTÓN on July 19th‏

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Jason Silva From NGC’s Hit Series Brain Games Hosts the One-Hour Special, Which Gains Unprecedented Access to an Incredible Journey More Than Nine Years, 700 Million Dollars and Over 3 Billion Miles in the Making


Nat Geo Mundo will air REDESCUBRIENDO PLUTÓN in a global event Sunday, July 19th at 9pm ET/PT in 170 countries and 45 languages. Jason Silva, the Venezuelan Emmy-nominated, will host the one-hour special which gains access to an incredible journey more than nine years, 700 million dollars and over 3 billion miles in the making. In 2006, New Horizons took off on a rocket to begin its 3-billion-mile voyage, when the probe reaches its destination, it will speed by the dwarf planet at close to 9 miles per second creating a very tight window for the spacecraft to photograph Pluto, and gather the data it is looking for. In REDESCUBIRNDO PLUTÓN, viewers will have access to the first images captured by New Horizons in the final moments of the mission.


Nat Geo Mundo joins top scientists and NASA on a historic mission to the edge of our solar system. With the goal of capturing the first clear images and data ever recorded of Pluto, REDESCUBIRNDO PLUTÓN will take viewers on an unforgettable journey to get to know the dwarf planet. Although the outcome and overall success of the mission is unknown, REDESCUBIRNDO PLUTÓN, pays homage to one of NASA’s most ambitious, most daring and highest-stakes endeavors to date, and celebrates the “little planet that could” … Pluto.

As New Horizons beams data back, host Jason Silva helps viewers digest everything that is happening by breaking down the science behind the mission and explaining the origins of our fascination with Pluto. When did we first discover Pluto? Why was Walt Disney so inspired by the planet that he named a beloved cartoon character after it? Why did the International Astronomical Union decide to strip Pluto of its planetary status — and why were people so upset about it?

“If you’ve seen me on shows like Brain Games, you’ll know how much I get fired up by the wonders of the universe and the power of technology to bring them to us,” says Silva. “We’re on the brink of profound discoveries about the last piece of real estate in our solar system.”

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