Ladrones: Starring Mexican Superstars Fernando Colunga And Eduardo Yáñez To Release In U.S On October 9th!‏

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Action-Packed Comedy Sequel Brings Mexican Superstars, Fernando Colunga And Eduardo Yáñez, Together For The First Time On Screen 

Pantelion Films, the first major Latino Hollywood studio, announced today that it will release the action-comedy Ladrones, sequel to the 2007 Spanish-language hit Ladrón que roba a Ladrón, on October 9, 2015. Ladrones brings back #1 Televisa star, Fernando Colunga, reprising his role as Alejandro Toledo, and will pair him up for the first time ever on-screen with one of Mexico’s most celebrated leading men, Eduardo Yáñez.

“Ladrones takes the heist story, comedy and action to another level,” said producer, Jim McNamara. “By bringing Colunga and Yáñez together, two of the hottest stars in the Spanish-speaking Americas, we were able to create a unique event on screen that we can’t wait to share with U.S. moviegoers.” Director Joe Menendez said, “I had so much fun making LADRONES.  We made the kind of comedy adventure that I would take my family to see.  I love Spanish language movies, and this one is not an imported Spanish language film.  It’s homegrown.  I can’t wait for people to see this movie.  Everyone in the cast delivers and the chemistry on set was extraordinary.  That shows up on the screen.”

In the first film, legendary thieves Alejandro Toledo (Fernando Colunga) and Emilio Sánchez (Miguel Varoni), took down an infomercial guru who was taking advantage of Latino immigrants.  Following that successful heist, the modern day Robin Hoods left their lives of crime for a more civilian life. Varoni joined the FBI and Colunga is a businessman.   LADRONES sees Colunga return to his do-gooder robbing roots, and although Varoni can’t quite commit to helping out, he introduces Colunga to the hilariously skilled Santiago Guzmán  (Eduardo Yáñez) to help him with the mission of a lifetime.  Their goal?  The two must work to reclaim land stolen from a hard working community by a ruthless family of crooks led by a beautiful but lethal diva.  Action and comedy ensues as Colunga and Yáñez must recruit their new team of “Robin Hoods” to perform the biggest heist of their careers and save the future of an entire town.

Ladrones stars Mexican actors Fernando Colunga, Miguel Varoni, Eduardo Yáñez, Vadhir Derbez, Cristina Rodlo and Jessica Lindsey, as well as Dominican actors Nashla Bogaert, Frank Perozo, and Evelyna Rodríguez. The film is directed by ALMA award winner, Joe Menendez, and written by Jon Molerio. Alfonso Rodríguez produces for Lantica Pictures with Jim McNamara and Ben Odell from Panamax. Antonio Gennari and Paul Presburger serve as executive producers.

The Ladrones prequel, Ladrón que roba a ladrón, was released in 2007 by Lionsgate. It had the highest grossing opening weekend for a Spanish-language film at that time, and has since become a cult classic for the U.S. Hispanic audience, generating huge ratings with each airing on Univision.

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