Watch Google Nexus Event Live Streaming!


Google will take the stage to introduce its slate of new Nexus phones — and a few other gizmos, too.

The Nexus 5X is rumored to have the now-expected features of a new smartphone, like a bigger display, better camera, faster processor, and a fingerprint sensor, but the most interesting inclusion could be a USB Type-C connector. We expect the Nexus 6P to be quite different than the Nexus 6, starting with a fresh, new design and a smaller display, bucking the “bigger is better” trend. Both phones will flaunt the latest version of Android, dubbed Marshmallow back in May. Marshmallow should arrive alongside the phones’ yet-to-be-announced launch dates, if not sooner.

Live streaming: 

Starting time: San Francisco: 9:00AM / New York: 12:00PM / London: 5:00PM / Berlin 6:00PM / Moscow: 7:00PM / Beijing: 12:00AM (September 30th) / Tokyo: 1:00AM (September 30th) / Sydney 2:00AM (September 30th)

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