The Fourth Annual ACT Film Festival 2015 A Total Success!


The fourth annual Act Film Festival held in Brooklyn this passed weekend was a total success. In attendance were more than 50 guests including photographers, media and bloggers. For the first time the festival features a feature film and also before it’s November 6, 2015 in theater debut the guests in attendance were able to enjoy the feature film “The House That Jack Built“. In addition, as a special bonus there was also a Q&A with some of the actors present Fidel Vicioso, E.J. Bonilla and the film’s producer Michael Lieber to name a few.

The guests ticket purchase included an Art Exhibit, they enjoyed six short films and the spectacular feature “The House That Jack Built” along with sipping on some delicious coconut provided by Flaco Coquito. To capture all the happenings of this year’s festival was KatieKay Photography and TV coverage by En La Escena TV.

Congratulations to the Co-Founder & CEO Jacklyn Rosa of ACT, Inc. for an outstanding turnout. The mission of ACT Inc. is a young, vibrant artistic based company that seeks to provide opportunity for underrepresented, disadvantaged youth who have a vested interest in their communities to showcase their creative talents in the performing, media and visual arts.

Here is a slideshow glimpse of some of what happened at the 2015 Act Film Festival photography by KatieKay Photography and FlacoCoquito.com.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more information about the ACT Film Festival visit www.artistsforcreativetheatre.org

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