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Hair Colorist Luis Rodriguez Beauty Tip:Five Trendy Hair Colors to Try This Holiday Season

Wella Color Tango_Brond

Five Trendy Hair Colors to Try This Holiday Season

By Hair Colorist Luis Rodriguez

During my years as a celebrity hairstylist I have seen and done it all in the realm of hair color. My favorite part about working in this industry is seeing the evolution of hair and how it changes every year. Just like the seasons change, so do hair color trends – especially during the holiday season. With the holidays just around the corner, I’m excited to share some of my favorite and newest hair color tips that you can easily achieve at home to look great throughout this festive time of year.

Wella Color Tango_Brond

Bronde. If you’re having commitment issues with color and can’t decide to be blonde or brunette, this is the look for you. I keep getting requests for this style and it’s actually a perfect color because you simply take your light fall color and warm it up without totally changing your look.  It’s a new, subtle way to add warmth to your hair or slowly transition to a darker hair color.

Wella Color Tango_Un Solo Paso

Single process color. This is a timeless look that flatters everyone and is one of the easiest hair color changes to achieve. I recommend this for women on-the-go who need a no-fuss style. Single process color looks great in brunette tones and gives your hair a glossy sleek look. For an amazing result I recommend using Wella Color Tango in 4BB Dark Chocolate Brown.  It is formulated with Color Ignite Technology, which includes intense Power Pigments to give your hair irresistibly bold color and protect against color fading, which is important for a single process color.

Wella Color Tango_RojizoRoots. Yes, you read that right — roots! If you want to spice up your normal look, “rooting” is a very easy and simple way to do it. Essentially it gives the look of grown-out roots but in a more subtle and flattering way. I recommend this look to my blonde or lighter haired clients. It’s also a good option if you don’t have time or budget to touch up your hair every 6 weeks.

Wella Color Tango_Rojizo 2Auburn. This is a bold hair move to make but if you want to be daring, it can look great!  Auburn can be done in different ways and varies on how red you want to go. If you want to be adventurous I recommend a color like Wella Color Tango in RV Ruby or, if you want a more subtle look, try Wella Color Tango in 6R Auburn. The Color Tango collection not only provides long-lasting color, but the shades are formulated with Moisture Embrace Technology to give you smooth color application – for even color distribution – deep conditioning and stunning shine for a fabulous finish!

Wella Color Tango_OmbreOmbre. This one of the few hair trends that will surpass time. What is great about ombre is that there is no wrong or right way to do it and can be done in so many ways. Whether you have long or short hair, ombre will probably work for you. I recommend that you start out with tones that are a few shades lighter than your overall hair color and gradually lighten.

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