The wait is over, and today, David Eraya’s debut album finally here. The Barcelona native is on a mission to conserve the pop ballad genre, with his album titled “Otro Destino”.
The album offers lyrics that express a deep soul’s sentiments that stem from heartbreak – such as the songs “No Voy A Cambiar”, “Otro Destino” and “Desierto”  – to the discovery of great love and all the beautiful feelings that come with it, as his single “Encontrarte De Nuevo” describes.
In his first album, David Eraya also includes covers that reflect his taste in 80’s pop, mixed with the Latin rhythms that have always been a part of his life. From there, classics such as “Va Todo Al Ganador”, “Don’t You Want Me” and “Alone” take on a fresh spin with these versions.
The true strength lies within the songs written by David Eraya himself, where he shines in his capacity to describe lyrics not only with his deepest feelings but with a reflection of what his romantic life actually is. “This album is like a personal diary, but with lots of melody and accords, that tell you what I have lived throughout these five past years,” he said. “Many of these singles had the same muse; a person that I loved insanely, but she was someone who didn’t accept me for who I am, my dreams, and she didn’t care about my needs.”
That was where sentiments arose for songs such as “Llorando En El Espejo”– which he adorns with an overflow of Cuban rhythms – and “Donde Muere El Amor”. Also included are the songs he took the longest to write, “Donde Estes Tu” and “Con El Corazón Roto”, two of his first compositions.
Regardless of the painful moments he’s lived, David is an optimist who has touched the feelings of heartbreak with his own hands. He used the pain as a way to bring to life beautifully compelling songs, with which the world can identify, Who hasn’t cried at least once over love? Most of all, who hasn’t given love another chance?
It isn’t a coincidence that David Eraya has chosen the 1980’s hit, “Don’t Stop Believing,’” as the opening theme to this album composed of 13 songs. That glorious message within “Otro destino”, the singer songwriter’s first single, shows all who listen that just as the sun always rises every morning, love eventually finds its way back into the hearts of those who, at some point, didn’t feel it anymore.
Otro Destino is available on all download and streaming platforms.

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