Vanessa Wong Talks About Her Single ‘Pura Candela’ [VIDEO]


Rising star Vanessa Wong was born in Miami, Florida August 2nd, 2001. Her talent was
already evident by age four when Vanessa began memorizing and performing songs for
her family. By age 12 she knew she wanted to sing professionally and started taking
vocal lessons and began teaching herself to play the piano. At age 13 she began
working on her stage presence by performing at school concerts and small restaurants.
Vanessa started building her social media following by posting covers of some of her
favorite songs on social media.
Vanessa garnered international recognition in 2016 when she auditioned for Season 4 of
“La Voz Kids” where she blew the judges away with her rendition of “Alive” by Sia.
When Vanessa opened her eyes after she finished the song she realized all three
judges, International Stars Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee and Pedro Fernández had
turned. Ultimately choosing to be part of Natalia Jimenez team where she continued
learning techniques and perfecting her talent. Vanessa moved on to the battle rounds,
making her mark on Season 4.
Among her musical influences, Vanessa includes a broad range of artists including,
modern day jazz singer Melody Gardot, Jamie Cullum, Michael Jackson, Emeli Sande,
Selena and Ivy Queen; showcasing her growing up in a bi-cultural household in the
The United States.
Vanessa Wong is now ready to release her debut official single “Pura Candela” on
September 8. Her debut as a solo artist showcases her style of music, a fusion of pop
with Latin and urban rhythms with Spanglish lyrics. Vanessa credits her Cuban
background for the love she feels for Latin Music and it’s rhythms. Vanessa continues
working on her craft as as singer songwriter.
At just 16 years old Vanessa is also an entrepreneur with her own brand of cosmetics
called Wong Cosmetics which she sells exclusively through her online store. The triple
threat singer-songwriter, dancer and mogul is ready to share her own music with the
world and is poised to be the next International Female Pop Star.

We had a chance to chat with her about her music, cosmetics line and much more while Vanessa was in New York promoting her single ‘Pura Candela’ check out the interview below:

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